Creating a secure Debian or Ubuntu Apt repo

Creating a personal apt repo is a great idea for managing custom packages while still utilizing apt's management and dependency abilities. (We are not going to cover all the specifics of why one would want to create a custom apt repo, that should be self-explanatory.) Creating a secure apt repo accessible via apt is relatively straight forward, three items need to be setup: the repo dir, httpd, and GPG to sign the packages.

April Puppet NYC Meetup

This month (April 13th) we gave a presentation to the NYC puppet User Group, on the node classification tool Foreman.

Joe Crobak, we attended wrote up an excellent blog post capturing our preso:

December AWS news: PCI compliance, bigger S3 objects, Mobile SDKs and FreeBSD running on EC2

Colin Percival has gotten FreeBSD running on EC2: This is great news for all those BSD shops out their waiting for cloud support.

Amazon finally launched a much requested (at least by us) DNS service: